As one of our best known Spanish Christmas carols says … tonight is Christmas Eve and tomorrow is Christmas Day! At last!

Here in Hotel Yaramar at this time of year we are always thrilled. We know that in your home countries the most important day of the festive season is the 25th of December, Christmas Day, the day you open the presents delivered by Santa the previous night and also when you share your time with your family dining together and having fun.  In Spain we are a bit different and our big celebration is 1 day before, on the the 24th, Christmas Eve. On Christmas Eve, same as you do on Christmas day, we meet our family, dine together, sing, and have lots of fun, and then the next day, on the 25th, we normally meet again and the fun continues…As you can see, in Spain we love partying and celebrating!

We receive our presents on the 5th of January, a very traditional night in Spain when the 3 Wise Men visit our homes. Though it is a fact that every year more families receive presents on both days, on the 25th and the 5th…Great, right? We certainly love presents!

Here in Spain, apart from decorating our homes with a Christmas tree we also decorate them with our typical nativities…Have you already seen the massive Christmas tree we have put in the hotel lobby? And our nativity? Beautiful, right?

And to make the most of this day, Hotel Yaramar, your hotel in Fuengirola, would like to thank all of you staying here for wanting to spend these special days with us. You know we will do our best to make you have an unforgettable Christmas! And to all of you spending Christmas at home, just wish you a very happy day beside your loved ones. We hope to see you here very soon!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations