This week here on the blog of Hotel Yaramar we have the pleasure to introduce you the new fantastic production team the tour operator Thomson has sent us over from the U.K.

The names of these 4 talented people are: Nathan, Zac, Olivia and Rebecca; and now we are going to tell you a bit more about them:

Nathan is 22 and he comes from Derby. He studied Musical Theatre at the University of Chichester, so we are sure you will enjoy the great shows he and his colleagues have in store for you this summer! When we asked him about a fun fact about himself he told us he is an identical twin! He also said he loves paella and that he cannot wait to meet you and hopefully put a smile on everyone’s faces.

Zac is also 22, he is from London, studied ballet and Musical Theatre at The Centre,  Performing Arts College, and this is not the first time he has lived abroad as before working at the Yaramar he worked as a dancer and performer around England and Dubai. When he was a child he worked in circus with his family, he is delighted with the Spanish sun and says he is looking forward to meeting you all and having some fun.

Olivia is originally from Shelffield, she is 23, and up until now she lived in London. Same as Nathan, she studied Musical Theatre at the University of Chichester. Before moving here she worked for an agency in London and was in a production at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She also told us her family live on a farm, that she loves Spanish food and that she hopes you all have the best summer here at the Yaramar and cannot wait to play boules with you all.

Rebecca is from Essex, and as 2 of her colleages she also studied Musical Theatre at the University of Chichester and then at the London School of Musical Theatre. Before working here she did pantomime at Center Parcs Longeat. When we asked her about a fun fact about herself she told us she has played the guitar since she was 7 and that she had a pet snake for 10 years. She says she loves the Spanish sun and food and that she hopes you have the most wonderful holiday here.

Now that we know lots more about them we are sure that these friendly and talented guys will do all they can to make your holiday at the Yaramar unforgettable.

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations