Siesta time


September is coming to an end and perhaps it is the best month to enjoy a nice relaxing day at the beach just in front of the Hotel Yaramar. You may also want to put into practice the tradition in Spain of sleeping siesta, a short nap after the midday meal.

This nap is common in hot countries. The word siesta has been taken from the Latin hora sexta – ”the sixth hour” (counting from dawn, therefore noon, hence ”midday rest”). There is also a biological reason for a siesta: a brief peak in blood glucose levels caused by the body’s normal insulin response to a heavy meal, may produce drowsiness after the meal that can encourage a nap.

Thus, we invite you to take your turn at the beach, at the swimming pool or in your room but always protected from the sun rays, as it is at these hours when the sun is more dangerous. 30 minutes of nap (more than that could cause you problems for sleeping at night) improves your health and blood circulation, as well as preventing any stress and helping you to stay late at night without being tired.

So relax with us and enjoy the benefits of a good siesta.

Yara Martin

Guest Relations Manager

What does ”Yaramar” mean?


Do you know where our hotel’s name comes from? Let me tell you a secret…

The name is formed by 2 words: “Yara” and “mar”. Some of you might know that “mar” is the Spanish word for sea. This makes sense if you think of the wonderful views we have from our facilities. However what is “Yara”? I write it in capital letter because it is a name. This name comes from Brasil where it means “mermaid”. Maybe this is why I am sitting right at the hall entrance at the Hotel Yaramar.

We  have not yet seen mermaids in the area of the Costa del Sol (except for me of course), if you see one please contact us! So, why this name after all? Well, Yara is the name of the Hotel owner’s daughter. If you visit us you will have the pleasure of meeting her at the Managers cocktail since she is our Guest Relations Manager. For those of you who follow us on facebook, she is the one chatting and keeping you updated. Would you like to know another secret? You might be able to use this information on a hotel quiz and win a price!

Remember this is a secret…don´t tell anyone I told you…

See you soon!

The Mermaid
Hotel Yaramar

Contest: Shall we create a slogan?


First of all we would like to thank all of you for your comments about our new website on facebook. We are glad to see that you like our new internet image. But we want to go a little bit further asking you for your collaboration to create a slogan for Hotel Yaramar in Fuengirola.

When we read what you write in our satisfaction survey we not only notice how you appreciate our hotel, but also how you are able to describe your experience in only a few words. This is why we have created a contest.

How does it work? As easy as this:

1) You write your proposal on our discussion board in Facebook by clicking here

2) All the staff will choose the best slogan.

3) We will announce the winner on the 31st of August at the Cocktail party and for those of you that wont be here at the time, on our facebook page online at around 18:30 – 19:00.

And there is a prize!

2 nights for FREE at Hotel Yaramar for two on half board

Are you feeling inspired? Go ahead! we are waiting for your proposal…

Yara Martín
Guest Relations Manager