Are you staying in Hotel Yaramar and you are passionate about art?

Pay attention to what we are going to tell you because in Fuengirola a new cultural initiative has just been launched. This initiative tries to make Parque de España, right in the city centre, become the meeting point of artists and art lovers in Costa del Sol.

Every Sunday, from 10:00 A.M to 3:00 P.M, since the 16th of December this activity called “Pintura Libre” has taken place. On it local artists and visitors display their works or paint in situ under the eyes of many visitors.

Since it started it has been very popular and got a great reception among art lovers, as every Sunday professional artists, art students, tourists and bystanders visit the park.

The idea is to make of this centric park a place where people can exchange ideas, interests and impressions about art and also to support the local artists letting them display their artworks.

If you are interested in going there to paint or to display your works you can do it without problem, it is free and you don’t have to be a local to participate.

On the other hand if you are more of an observer, we encourage you to visit the park and take a look, as not only you will be able to enjoy the artworks but also the beauty of the park.

Parque de España is wide, modern, welcoming and has a big variety of tree species like olive trees, palm trees, eucalyptus and orange trees and it is located right in the city centre by the Town Hall Square.

What do you think about this beautiful idea? Fun, right?

Enjoy and participate in this great activity!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations