Are you preparing your next holiday at Hotel Yaramar? Do you live out of the Euro zone and have to change some money?

If you are visiting Costa del Sol soon then it is important for you to know that there is a new 5 euro note. Not many people have seen it, but it has been in circulation all over Spain since early May.

This new 5 euro note is the first of the new Europe series and it is quite different to the old one:

–          The new note is greener and its material is much more resistant.

–          Its watermark and hologram show an image of Europe, the Greek mythological figure that names the series.

–          In both edges it has a few raised lines that make it easy to identify, especially if you have vision problems.

–          It comes with a new security system so it is difficult to forge.

Please, do not worry if you still have old notes as these will still be in circulation together with the new ones though little by little they will start to disappear.

We are very curious and eager to see these new notes!! What about you?

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations