It has been a while since we dedicated a blog post to a member of our staff, so as we have received many thank you notes and positive comments about him, we have thought that many of you would possibly like to know more about Pablo, the person who makes sure our pool is always in perfect order and condition.

In the past Pablo worked as a lifeguard in other pools, but in April we had the fortune of adding him to our great team of professionals.

He says that what he likes the most about working in a hotel is getting to meet so many people from so many different places, which makes sense as those who know him know he is a very social and friendly guy who enjoys interacting with guests.

It is because of this that, although he has not been with us that long, he has had many funny moments with our guests and they have had a good laugh together.

These laughs are most of the times related to the weather, mainly because Pablo is not the greatest weather man as his predictions don’t tend to be very accurate, and from this comes the banter.

In his spare time Pablo loves doing BBQ parties with friends, playing football, spending time with his family and sailing… great things, aren’t they?

He says he is a very tidy person which we believe as it is easy to appreciate when you see him working. He also told us he loves Malaga city centre and the beautiful promenade and beaches of Fuengirola.

Regarding his culinary preferences he is very “malagueño” as he loves going to “chiringuitos” for a meal and ordering the traditional skewers of sardines or some tasty local fried fish. If you have this in common with him Hotel Yaramar is definitely the perfect place for you as in our Rivera Beach Club you can enjoy these 2 typical dishes of Costa del Sol and many more.

When we asked him about his ideal holiday Pablo answered he doesn’t have to go too far to have a dream holiday as in here he can find all he needs: sun and beach… Do you agree with him? We surely do!

Pablo wishes you a very enjoyable time at Hotel Yaramar, your hotel in Fuengirola, so if you would also like to send him a message do not hesitate to do it through our Facebook page.

Thanks a lot for your time, Pablo!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations