This month Hotel Yaramar would like to introduce Alicia Díaz to all of you.

Alicia is one of our receptionists, she is from Sevilla and she has been working with us since year 2000.

The thing she likes the most about her job is the fact that she works face to face with guests, she helps them as much as she can if there is a problem and she gets to make them feel as if they are in their second home.

After so many years working with us she has lots of lovely stories to share, though she remembers this with special fondness: “It was fun and lovely when one year, on the 25th of December, after the gala dinner, some couples came to reception and brought us a glass of champagne to have a toast. They also sang a Christmas carol in English to Sebastián and me as we were working our shifts”

She also told us that some guests are really sweet as in Christmas, Easter or on her birthday they send her cards which is something that moves her as she thinks it is lovely that they think of her when they are back home.

She also admits she loves when they bring her flowers though what really satisfies her is when guests tell her “we feel as in our home”.

Alicia enjoys listening to flamenco and pop music and she likes swimming and going for a walk with her dog. She also likes skating though she confesses nowadays she doesn’t skate much.

When in Fuengirola she recommends you to visit the Paseo Marítimo and the castle area as the beach in that zone is wide and beautiful. She also invites you to visit the centre of Fuengirola and discover the great tapas bars we have in town.

Thinking about her perfect holiday her mind flies to Sevilla as her ideal plan would be to get to spend a few days in the Monastery of Cartuja in Cazalla del Sierra (Sevilla).

To finish off our friendly receptionist wanted to send you a message: “ I hope they all share their experiences with us and tell us if they have gone on an excursion or if they have done something special…and of course I would like to let them know that we are here to help them if there is any problem !”

In Hotel Yaramar we are certain that all of you already know Alicia, so if you would like to send her a message or share any story or anecdote with us please do it through our Facebook page. 

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations