Yesterday, 6th of December, was the birthday of our lovely Geoffrey.

Geoffrey and Emma were born on the same day.

Geoffrey and Emma were born on the same day.

Geoffrey has never been just a guest as from the very beginning he has been a very important member of our big family. 

Because of this and because he has just become 96 years young, today we wanted to dedicate this blog post to this great man who one day decided to leave his home in the UK to move to Hotel Yaramar with us.

Having a chat and listening to him is always fantastic as he is such a friendly man that his lively spirit is well contagious.

He is always willing to collaborate and he never minds giving us a bit of his time, so he accepted with a smile to have a good chat with us.

We decided to meet on Thursday the 3rd at about 10:30 A.M as he tends to have breakfast in our restaurant at 10:00 A.M.

When he saw us he asked us to accompany him and another guest to his room as that kind gentleman was going to help him match his trousers and jackets. As you know Geoffrey always looks super smart and he pays a lot of attention to his appearance so sometimes he asks for a bit of advice to combinate his clothes.

Once his clothes were sorted he shared with us a wonderful story. Not long ago here at the Yaramar Geoffrey met a lovely lady called Emma Gulliford with whom he shares his birthday.

Amazingly Emma was also born on the 6th of December 1919 in a town in Yorkshire only 3 miles away from Geoffrey’s… What a small world!

Geoffrey also told us his son, grandson and great granddaughter were coming to visit him on his special day.

While we were with him he received several phonecalls and visits. The first call was from friendly Gloria from our Bar Patio asking him if he fancied going out for tapas. This was followed by another call from a friend in the UK and a visit from 2 ladies he was meeting later to have a drink with in his sunny balcony.

It is well obvious Geoffrey always has good company and he is well loved and looked after, something that is not surprising as people like him make this world a more beautiful place to live in.

Happy Birthday Geoffrey and of course, Happy Birthday Emma!

Geoffrey and us are looking forward to seeing you back at the Yaramar very soon!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations