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Hotel Yaramar supports healthy living and exercising. 

If you would like to exercise our hotel offers you a fantastic outdoor pool ( heated in winter), a gym with jacuzzi and sauna, as well as a new cycling centre.

This well-equipped cycling centre has a bike repair area with tools and supplies, as well as pumps for the wheels.

Hotel Yaramar offers its guests the chance to rent bikes as well as information about road cycling routes and a parking area exclusively for bikes.

Besides this we can also prepare special menus for athletes and offer picnic service.

If you are interested, please call  951 82 98 90 for more information.

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  • Pump
  • Athletes’ menu
  • Tools and supplies
  • TV sports channels
  • Bike repair / tools
  • Laundry
  • Massage
  • MTB Routes
  • City routes
  • Open all year
  • Pool
  • Present for cyclists
  • Daily weather forecast
  • Cyclists Promotions
  • Picnic service
  • Cycling Friendly Welcome Pack

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  • Bike parking
  • Sports nutrition sale
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bike rental
  • Bike wash
  • Fitness area
  • Cycling Center
  • Road cycling routes
  • Route info
  • Extended lunch time
  • Picnic
  • Tourism Info
  • Luggage transport
  • Airport Transfer
  • Parking

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We recommend the following routes leaving from the hotel´s doorstep:

Hotel Yaramar – Cerro del Moro

Hotel Yaramar – Marbella – Ojén

Hotel Yaramar – Monte Elviria

Hotel Yaramar – Caminito del Rey

Hotel Yaramar – Villafranco del Guadalhorce

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