Have you heard that there is a new train connection between the beautiful town of Antequera and Malaga city?

Antequera now has a new high-speed train station, called Antequera AV, with high speed (AVE) and regular (AVANT) train connections.

From this station, available since the 25th January, it is possible to travel to Malaga, and the other way around, in only 26 minutes, on an Avant train for only 11,20€.

In addition to Malaga, it also has AVE and AVANT connections with Granada, Sevilla, Cordoba, Madrid and Barcelona.

Antequera is one of the most important towns in inland Malaga. It is in one of the most fertile areas in Andalusia, where cereal, olive oil and vegetables are produced.  ​

Besides this, it also has an extensive archaeological and architectonic heritage. There you not only can find some of the most important dolmens in Europe, but also several churches, convents and small palaces from different periods and styles.  

There is no doubt that this a worth a visit town, so, if you are planning on staying at Hotel Yaramar, your hotel in Fuengirola, we hope you make the most of the new train line that now connects the capital of Costa del Sol with Antequera.

Discovering inland Malaga now is easier than ever!

Beatriz Muñoz

Guest Relations