These days Fuengirola looks more cheerful and colourful than ever thanks to the fantastic idea the Sofia Finnish Education Centre for adults has had.Urban Knitting in Fuengirola - Hotel Yaramar Fuengirola

Till the 26th of March some of the street furniture of Fuengirola will be decorated with beautiful and colourful knitted and crocheted decorations made by the students of this popular education centre located in Los Boliches.

Urban Knitting started years ago in the United States and since then it has spread across the globe becoming quite popular in certain areas like Scandinavia.  Yarn Bombing has now arrived to Costa del Sol, though many Spanish cities have already put it in practice with big success as many citizens decided to get involved.

In the last few years all of a sudden knitting has become very fashionable so now many children, young women and even men do it and create lovely things to wear and to decorate their houses or even their cities.

Several researches have proven that knitting puts us in a better mood, helps us fight against stress and anxiety and motivates our creativity.  Learning how to knit also improves our self confidence and makes us have more faith in ourselves.

Here at Hotel Yaramar, your hotel in Fuengirola, many of the members of our staff can knit , so if like us you love doing crafts and discovering new things every time you visit Fuengirola, we recommend you to have a good look around town as you might be able to spot some of these beautiful creations made of yarn.

You will find many in Plaza de la Constitución as it is the most important square in town, but if you don’t fancy going that far you can also find some in Los Boliches near our hotel… Where? Near the Roman remains in  Avenida Jesús Cautivo,  which is the big avenue where the train line is.

Don’t forget to take your camera with you when you go out as when you see these cheerful and colourful decorations you will definitely want to take a picture!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations