This week Hotel Yaramar recommends you to visit the Salon Varietes Theatre. It is located in the city centre of Fuengirola, very close to the Constitution Square, and it is one of the most legendary places in town as it has been there since 1925 when it was built.

When it started it was a theatre, then it was a cinema and in 1985 a theatre again, becoming the only English speaking theatre in Costa del Sol and Southern Spain.

Salon Varietes is not only a place to go and see musicals and other plays but also a very important cultural centre for foreign visitors and residents in Costa del Sol.

Here in Hotel Yaramar we love Christmas, this is why we think the best time to visit this endearing theatre is now that the festive season is round the corner. From this Friday the 30th of November until the 4th of December its stage will host a Christmas themed show called “Sleigh Bell Rings”. It is a musical play that promises fun, good cheer and a contagious Christmas spirit, something that will delight any Christmas lover.

Buy your ticket and enjoy the show. You will have the feeling of being in West End London without having to go too far. Do not miss this opportunity and do something cool while in Fuengirola. We can promise you that this plan can’t be funnier and that there is no better way to start your Xmas!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations