Summer is here and the night of the 23rd of June is when in Spain we celebrate its arrival. That night, known as San Juan’s Night, is one of the most special nights on Costa del Sol, so for this reason, as we do every year, at Hotel Yaramar we have already started with the preparations for this important celebration.


On San Juan’s Night the ”juas” are the ones getting all the attention. Some of you might already know what a ”juas” is and you might even have helped to create one in the past, but just in case you are not entirely sure of what exactly they are we are going to explain you.

A ”juas” is a big handmade ragdoll made with fabric and other recycled materials. It is thought that calling it ”juas” comes from the name ”Judas”, which means the radgoll is meant to represent the traitor apostle. This might be the reason why the ”juas” gets burnt at midnight in order to leave bad things behind and start the new season in a great way.

If you are a crafter and right now you are on holiday at Hotel Yaramar, your hotel in Fuengirola, why don’t you help us to make our ”juas”? Our creative session will be next Friday the 20th of June at 10:00 A.M by the pool.

We have been making ”juas” and celebrating this special event with you many years now, so next Monday we expect you again from 11:30  P.M at our Rivera Beach Club. You only have to sign up on reception.

Let’s welcome the summer together!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations