Painting exhibition in Los Boliches


This week here on the blog of Hotel Yaramar we recommend you a fantastic new exhibition currently open in Fuengirola.

The exhibition is a painting one, it is free to visit and it is housed in  Los Boliches, in Tenencia de Alcaldia, right by the Los Boliches Market.

The exhibition contains the works of Finnish artist Olli Joki, who is not only a very talented painter but also stands out for his fantastic use of colours.

In his works inspired in the Mediterranean and in Spain the colours he uses are warm, while in the ones based in Scandinavia he uses cold colours like cobalt blue.

The exhibition “Olli Joke, Life in Colours” opened on Friday 2nd of November and can be visited until Thursday, the 15th of November.

If you love art in your spare time and you are currently staying at Hotel Yaramar, your hotel in Fuengirola, we recommend you make the most of your holiday by visiting this amazing exhibition.

You will surely love the work of Olli Joki!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations

“Simply watercolour”


Some weeks ago here on the blog of Hotel Yaramar, your hotel in Fuengirola, we informed you about a really nice watercolour exhibition here in Los Boliches with works by Finnish artist Jussi Suominen.

This week would like to use this post to recommend you another watercolour exhibition. This time the author is Andrew John and they are on display in CAC Mijas till the 7th of September.

Andrew John is a British artist based in Moclinejo (Malaga). His exhibition contains 25 beautiful watercolours  and  has been named as  “Simply Watercolour”.

CAC Mijas is Mijas Pueblo, in calle Malaga. Its opening days are from Tuesday to Sunday, its opening times are from 10:00 A.M. a 6:00 P.M. and the price of its entry ticket is 3.00€ .

If you love art and you paint in your free time, you will surely love it and find it really inspiring.

Enjoy this new lovely exhibition in Mijas!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations

Mijas Milenaria exhibition


Last week here on the blog of Hotel Yaramar we shared with you a post about the great tapas route of Mijas.

Today we would like to recommend you to visit our neighbouring town again but this time for a very different reason,  as right now and until the 3rd of September the Casa Museo museum houses a great exhibition called “Mijas Milenaria” (“Millenary Mijas”).

This exhibit shows a very important part of the history of the town as it contains a wide variety of objects from different civilisations from prehistoric to modern times.

One of the most important objects on display is a book temporarily lent by the Malaga Historical Archives that contains very interesting information about our region like the arrival of the Catholic Monarchs to Malaga after the Reconquest.

As you know getting to Mijas from Fuengirola is quite easy and affordable thanks to the M-122 bus line that links Fuengirola central station with Mijas Pueblo.

If you are really passionate about history and archeology and you are currenly in Fuengirola at Hotel Yaramar, we no doubt recommend you not to miss this amazing exhibition.

Enjoy the whitewashed beauty of Mijas and its awesome museums!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations