Today I would like to introduce Isabelle Gauthier to all of you. She has been working with us for no less than 12 years!

Isabelle is currently working as a chambermaid at Hotel Yaramar, though she started working as a waitress in our Beach Club “Rivera Beach”, where she stayed for over 8 years.

The favourite guests of this lovely French lady are without a doubt the British because according to her “they are really nice people to work for”. She says that guests can be really generous with staff and that once she was given lovely Norwegian smoked salmon as a gift.

Isabelle seems to be very girly and coquettish as she has confessed that she loves wearing lipstick and she has to put it on at least twice a day! Good for her! Feeling pretty daily is so important!

She is not only girly, she is also quite handy and she loves painting, doing handicrafts and spending time with her 4 year old daughter.

Her perfect holiday would be in March, she would love to stay in a 4 star hotel (of course!) and spend her time skiing in Sierra Nevada (Granada).

But March is still quite distant, so if you are staying in our hotel or you are planning to, you certainly will have the chance to meet her.

If you already know her and you would like to get in touch with her you can do it on our Facebook page.

À tout à l’heure!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations