This December Hotel Yaramar has the pleasure to introduce Ana Vazquez to all of you.

Ana is one of the waitresses from our restaurant, she comes from Cadiz and she has been working with us since 2002, so we are almost certain that all of you already know her.

She says that what she likes the most about her job is having contact with the guests because they are lovely and polite people and she adds that she finds endearing when they say they have missed her.

She is a very punctual person and has a passion for Chinese food, reading and crafts, though she says that she is not good at all at DIY, that is her husband’s thing!

When in Fuengirola, she recommends you to visit the beach as it gives you peace of mind…We totally agree with you, Ana, in Costa del Sol we have impressive beaches where not only you can sunbathe and swim but you can also walk and enjoy the beautiful landscape and the relaxing sea sound.

About her ideal holiday she says that it would be in a non crowded place where she could leave everything behind, relax and enjoy.

And to finish off Ana not only wants to thank you for visiting us, but also wants to have a toast to all of you and wish you a very happy festive season on behalf of all the staff of Hotel Yaramar, your hotel in Fuengirola.

If you know Ana and you would like to say something to her or leave a message to the staff, do not hesitate and do it on our Facebook page.

Happy Christmas!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations