Did you know that last year The Guardian and The Telegraph recommended Malaga as the perfect tourist destination for 2015 and that Malaga was also considered the best city to spend Christmas in Spain in a survey made by Spanish TV channel Antena 3?Malaga's Christmas Lights - Hotel Yaramar Fuengirola

These results are not that surprising as every Christmas Malaga does its very best to look more beautiful than ever and succeeds at it.

Last year we all lost our breaths when we saw the Christmas lights that decorated Calle Larios, the most important street in Malaga. This year the effect the new lights have had on us is not different as they are stunning too.

Last year’s lights were in the shape of elegant Gothic arches and vaults. These lights were in total harmony with the environment as together with the marble floors and the well looked after buildings and shops Calle Larios looked well luxurious and sumptuous.

This year the design of the lights is very different but still breathtaking as it recreates a beautiful starred sky so bright that you have the feeling it is daylight.

This gorgeous sky of shiny moons and sparkly stars gets switched on every day till the 6th of January from 6:30 P.M to 02:00 A.M, so if you are going to spend Christmas with us at Hotel Yaramar, your hotel in Fuengirola,  we definitely recommend you not to miss the chance to visit Malaga city centre in the evening.

Because Malaga in Christmas is not only merry, but also very glittering!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations