Last week on the Facebook page of Hotel Yaramar we asked you what kind of blog entry you would like to find on this blog.Geoffrey Harrison - Hotel Yaramar Fuengirola

Many of you answered and said you wanted to know about our dear Geoffrey. Well, your request has been heard and this week Geoffrey is not only the star of the Yaramar but also the star of our blog.

This week this lovely gentleman from Yorkshire will be 94, so due to this very important event we would love to share with you the beautiful interview he has given us:

– Geoffrey, your birthday is on Friday the 6th, how do you feel about it? Are you going to do something special?

Nothing that I know of! I expect there will be a few surprises seeing as I shall be 94, but let’s wait and see!

– Do you remember any past birthday with particular fondness?

 As you get older birthdays are faded memories, but recent ones here at the Yaramar with family, staff and friends I remember with fondness.

– What would you like to receive on your birthday?

Every day is a bonus. My family are here with me, that is the best I could wish for.

– How were you as a child? Have you changed much?

This is a question you would have to ask my parents!! In 94 years I hope I have changed a lot. But one cannot live in the past only the future counts. 

– Did you like school? Which was your favourite subject?

 Not really. I liked English, but I liked sport the best, if you can class sport as a subject.

– What was your favourite toy or game when you were a child?

 I cannot remember that far back, but in my youth I enjoyed all sports, especially tennis.

– Back then would you have imagined that you would end up living in Spain?

In my young day Spain was just a mark on a map, but now people visit Spain like going to the local supermarket. Spain in just 3 hours…Fantastic!! 

– We know you are a bolichero now but originally you are a Yorkshire man, do you agree with the saying: You can take a man out of Yorkshire but you cannot take Yorkshire out of a man?

 Yes, I agree!! There is also a Yorkshire saying which is “How much?!”

– The world has changed a lot since you were born, what is the best thing about modern life and what do you miss about how life was in the past?

Technology is the best thing about modern modern life! Life is faster nowadays though and people seem to want more for less and don’t seem as helpful or tolerant to each other as they did in the past.

Thanks a lot for the interview and for sharing your wisdom and memories with us, Geoffrey. It is such a privilege to get to spend time with you! You know you are very important to everyone at the Yaramar, so we all wish you a very happy birthday and we hope you have a delightful day with your family and loved ones.

Did you like his interview? Would you like to send him a birthday message? If so please do it on our Facebook page, we are sure your lovely messages will make Geoffrey very happy!!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations