Today is Halloween,  if you are in Spain let me explain you a little bit more about how we celebrate it. Although you might see Fuengirola’s bars and restaurants ’dressed’ for the ocasion, it is because we have been influenced by other countries. In Spain traditionally we celebrate all saints day which is the 1st day of november.  On that day, we usually go to the cementery at day time to leave flowers to our beloved.

However at our hotel Yaramar in Fuengirola, you will also find a Halloween atmosphere. We like to celebrate our traditions but also adopt the most familiar ones for you, our guests. We decorate the hotel and our staff dresses up for the party. There will be games, and of course a prize for the best dressed.

This is not all, this year we have introduced a different thing. We have created a pumpkin contest for all the staff here at hotel Yaramar. It has been a great experience for us. Each department used their team work skills and creativity to create a pumpkin, for the first time in their life! We have had a lot of fun and the result is amazing. Most of you have been voting over the weekend without knowing which department did what, here you have the list:

1-  ”Flamenca” – Rivera Beach Club

2 – ”Spider Pumpkin” – Restaurant

3 – ”Worms” – Kitchen

4 – ”Mrs. Pumpkin” – Administration

5 – ”Halloween” – Snack Bar

6 – ”Nightmare” – Bar Patio

7 – ”The Christmas Nightmare” – Reception

8 – ”Devil”– Housekeeping

9 – ”La gogo” – Cafetería Cristina

10- ”The scream pumpkin” – Aquarium lounge

11- ”Angry pumpkin” – Office (kitchen)


and the winner is… BAR PATIO for  ”Nightmare”

Thank you for voting online in our facebook page and on paper, those of you staying with us this weekend. We realise it has been very hard to choose. From here we would also like to congratulate the winners and to thank all our staff for the great work and most importantly the spirit they have put into this contest.


Yara Martín
Guest Relations Manager