Did you know that Yaramar Hotel supports sports?


Hotel Yaramar not only has a gym with jacuzzi and a sauna, but we also have enabled a new space for bicycles.

This area consists of a garage equipped with all kinds of tools and spare parts for bicycles, pumps for the wheels and a parking section where you can leave them without worries.

On the other hand, to offer even more to our sporty clients, we have created special menus prepared specially for them, picnics, if they prefer to eat out of our restaurant hours, and also  information about routes for cyclists near our hotel:

  • Hotel Yaramar-Cerro del Moro.
  • Yaramar-Marbella-Ojén Hotel
  • Yaramar-Monte Elviria Hotel
  • Yaramar-Caminito del Rey Hotel
  • Hotel Yaramar-Villafranco del Guadalhorce

If you also would like to take a guided tour or have high quality equipment available, especially high quality bicycles (road, electric, mountain and ride), our partner Terral Bike Rental & Tours  a family business very passionate about cycling and dedicated to bike rental, will not hesitate to offer a personalised quality service to make you live an unforgettable experience.

On their website you can check all the great services they offer: https://www.terralbike.com/

If you are passionate about sports and would like to enjoy the good weather, unbeatable views, good cuisine and excellent service: Do not hesitate to stay at the Yaramar Hotel and hire our Cycling Friendly offer!

For more information check our website: https://www.hotelyaramar.es/cycling-friendly/#1551784669120-708fbc50-de57


Ana Bonilla
Reservations Agent

Get fit at Hotel Yaramar doing yoga


Most of us have started year 2019 with many resolutions and looking after ourselves and  exercising more are possibility two of them.

Now after a month of over indulgence it is time to focus and get healthy.

We are aware though that when you come to Hotel Yaramar you are on holiday, and when on holiday we tend to treat ourselves more… mainly because it is quite difficult to say no to the delicious food we serve daily at our hotel.

We want you to enjoy our meals and to indulge yourselves, but we also would like you to feel great, so because of this our hotel offers free yoga classes twice a week.

The classes are in our gym on Tuesday and Thursday at 10:00 A.M. and the yoga instructor is our colleague Audrey.

Anyone in good physical condition and no serious illnesses or serious mobility issues won’t have problems to do any of the exercises even if they have not done yoga before.

Doing yoga has a very positive impact in our health for different reasons. Yoga makes us have more energy, and toxins are released. It also increases our flexibility, our vitality  and teaches us how to breath better. It also keeps our spine young, improves our posture, helps us deal with ansiety and stress and helps us concentrate, among many other things.

If you fancy practicing some yoga  with Audrey you don’t need to book a place or anything, all you have to do is to come to our gym on the days and times above mentioned.

Holidays at Hotel Yaramar are not necessarily only for sunbathing and enjoying our fun atmosphere, they can also be perfect for getting fit!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest relations

Ecologic market in Fuengirola


As we have mentioned many times before, in Fuengirola there is always something cool to do.

Last week here on the blog of Hotel Yaramar we recommended you not to miss a great exhibition, and this week we have another great suggestion: To visit the fantastic ecologic market we have in Fuengirola twice a month.

This Sunday, the 18th of June, from 11 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. in the Fuengirola Marina there will be a superb ecologic market with a wide variety of products, from food (ecologic and organic food, products for people with allergies and food intolerances and even fair trade products) to crafts ( related to recycling), as well as natural beauty products.

The organisation in charge of this market also offers a selection of free activities for visitors, like conferences, classes or music performances.

This Sunday, at 11:45 there is a yoga class scheduled, followed by an Om chanting activity at 12:45.

As we know many of you love street markets, if you are currently or holiday with us, or you are planning to come soon, we would like to recommend you to visit the marina in Fuengirola either the first Sunday of the month or the third as in Costa del Sol there are not many outdoor markets as cool as this!

This is the perfect opportunity to start a much healthier life!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations