We are aware that many of you love shopping in markets and when you visit Costa del Sol you enjoy exploring as many as possible. For this reason not long ago here on the blog of Hotel Yaramar we shared with you a pair of posts about this topic.Arabic Souk in Mijas - Hotel Yaramar Fuengirola

This week we would like to recommend you a new market…not any market though… this is kind of special, unique and exotic as it is an amazing Arabic souk!

This lovely souk will be on the evenings of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of August in Mijas Pueblo, to be more precise on Plaza Virgen de la Peña, its main square.

There you will find great stalls where you can purchase crafts or get tasty and exotic meals that will take you back to the times when the Iberian Peninsula was under the rule of the Moors. Apart from all this the Mijas City Council has also organised Arabic themed activities and shows that will surely be very enjoyed by those who attend.

The souk will be inaugurated on Friday the 1st of August at 7:00 P.M and it will stay open till past midnight. As the opening times of this exotic market were not compatible with the bus service running times on the 1st and 2nd of August the bus service with operate till 12:30 A.M, so this way more people will be able to make the most of this magic event.

If you are currently on holiday at Hotel Yaramar, your hotel in Fuengirola, and this weekend you fancy doing something fun and different, you should definitely go to Mijas.

It is one the most beautiful white villages in Andalusia plus there is always something great to do there!!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations