At Hotel Yaramar we have taken the necessary measures against Covid-19 to guarantee the safety of our guests during your stay while enjoying a well-deserved holiday. Medidas Covid

Among the measures introduced are the following: separate/specified entries and exists, limited capacity in specified areas, availability of several hand-sanitising stations, increased ventilation, frequency of cleaning and disinfection (especially in areas with high level of contact), disinfection mats for shoes, distance signs on floors, protection screens, and many other measures that can get looked up by clicking here.

Regarding our hotel as a company, all our staff have tested negatively, the main indicators of the virus get monitored daily and procedures introduced to avoid the risk of transmission.

Besides, the staff have been trained in the specific security and health protocols to adapt their daily work to the new times we are living.

We appreciate not only safety is important, to offer you the same services you had before is also of paramount importance to us. Some of these services now require a prior reservation to guarantee the correct cleanliness and disinfection of the facilities and ensure capacity levels are adhered to.

Staying with us during your holiday, is no doubt, one of the best decisions you can take. Now, as of 26th  of July 2021, more than 60% of the Spanish population have been vaccinated and there are hardly any serious cases.

We also would like to let you know that, if you require a PCR tests/antigen tests here at the Yaramar we are able to offer these tests, along with the necessary certificate. This way you can go back home in a safe and relaxed way.

In these difficult times, we work to guarantee your safety and we are aware that we need your cooperation to make sure the protocols work properly. The individual responsibility of each of us is the key to succeed.

Thank you for your cooperation and have a safe and enjoyable stay with us.

Juan Antonio Campaña

Quality &  Environmental Coordinator