September is coming to an end and perhaps it is the best month to enjoy a nice relaxing day at the beach just in front of the Hotel Yaramar. You may also want to put into practice the tradition in Spain of sleeping siesta, a short nap after the midday meal.

This nap is common in hot countries. The word siesta has been taken from the Latin hora sexta – “the sixth hour” (counting from dawn, therefore noon, hence “midday rest”). There is also a biological reason for a siesta: a brief peak in blood glucose levels caused by the body’s normal insulin response to a heavy meal, may produce drowsiness after the meal that can encourage a nap.

Thus, we invite you to take your turn at the beach, at the swimming pool or in your room but always protected from the sun rays, as it is at these hours when the sun is more dangerous. 30 minutes of nap (more than that could cause you problems for sleeping at night) improves your health and blood circulation, as well as preventing any stress and helping you to stay late at night without being tired.

So relax with us and enjoy the benefits of a good siesta.

Yara Martin

Guest Relations Manager