Did you know the 6th edition of the fantastic Erotic Tapa Route in Fuengirola is about to start and our Rivera Beach Club is going to participate on it?…Great news! Right?Rivera Beach Club and the Erotic Tapa Route - Hotel Yaramar Fuengirola

This popular tapa route starts this Friday the 31st of October, it will be on till Sunday the 16th of November and like last year the price of a tapa and a drink will be 2€.

As the Rivera is participating on this fun event we have decided to ask a few questions to our chef Salvador as we are sure you would like to know a bit more about the cheeky tapa he has created:

1. Salvador, now you are going to participate on the Erotic Tapa Route, but last winter you participated on La Cazuela de la Abuela … In which position did your winter dish end up?

“We ended up 6th! That made me very happy as we have to take into consideration that people tend to go to the bars in the town centre more than to the ones on the seafront, so getting so many votes means people really liked what we prepared!

2. What erotic tapa have you created and how did you call it?

“We have called it “Sex on the Rivera Beach”…It is very funny but also very tasty as it has couscous, noodles and seafood“.

3. Was it difficult to decide what you were going to prepare? Did you have a few options or were you all sure about this one?

“No, it wasn’t difficult; I knew what I wanted to do as I had been thinking about this tapa for a long time. From the beginning the idea was quite good“.

4.What makes your tapa special?

“I do not really know what other bars have prepared, but I know its flavour and quality are going to be great“.

5. Why do you think people like the Erotic Tapa Route so much?

People like having fun and this is a great idea as events like this help bars and restaurants when low season comes”.

6. Salvador, have you ever participated on this event?

“Yes, this will be my 4th time“.

7. How would you feel if your tapa would end up winner?

“To be honest I would be delighted as it is always nice when people appreciate your work. Here at the Rivera we are a great team, so it is great to achieve good things“.

Well, Salvador, the blog of Hotel Yaramar and all your colleagues wish you all the best!

We hope after reading this interview you are felling all hungry and curious about our erotic tapa.

Salvador, with his naughty tapa “Sex on the Rivera Beach”, is looking forward to seeing you all at the Rivera Beach Club!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations