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Hotel Yaramar
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What does “Yaramar” mean?

Hotel Yaramar
Do you know where our hotel’s name comes from? Let me tell you a secret…

The name is formed by 2 words: “Yara” and “mar”. Some of you might know that “mar” is the Spanish word for sea. This makes sense if you think of the wonderful views we have from our facilities. However what is “Yara”? I write it in capital letter because it is a name. This name comes from Brasil where it means “mermaid”. Maybe this is why I am sitting right at the hall entrance at the Hotel Yaramar.

We have not yet seen mermaids in the area of the Costa del Sol (except for me of course), if you see one please contact us! So, why this name after all? Well, Yara is the name of the Hotel owner’s daughter. If you visit us you will have the pleasure of meeting her at the Managers cocktail since she is our Guest Relations Manager. For those of you who follow us on facebook, she is the one chatting and keeping you updated. Would you like to know another secret? You might be able to use this information on a hotel quiz and win a price!

Remember this is a secret…don´t tell anyone I told you…

See you soon!

The Mermaid

Hotel Yaramar