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Typical costumes from Malaga: The Verdiales Costume

On this new blog entry we will keep on talking about typical costumes from Malaga.

Last week we mentioned that in Malaga we have 3 different typical costumes and we explained you about the marengo and marenga costumes.

This week we would like to introduce you the verdiales costume.

The verdiales outfit is a traditional costume worn by people from the Malaga Mountains which can vary depending on the area and on the verdiales band they might belong to.

In general lines the female version of this costume consists of:
  • A dress with vertical lines and puff sleeves. As the marenga dress the skirt of the verdiales one is a full skirt with a ruffle and its length is medium.

  • A white petticoat.

  • A black apron.

  • A white scarf over the shoulders.

  • White tights.

  • Black espadrilles with colourful ribbons knotted on the legs.

  • The hair is on a bun decorated with jasmine flowers.

The male version of the outfit includes:
  • Black trousers.

  • A black waistcoat.

  • A white shirt.

  • A red sash belt.

  • Black espadrilles.

  • A flashy hat with flowers, colourful ribbons, little mirrors and pearls.

In this case the hat worn by men stands out more than the dress worn by the ladies though it makes sense as this beautiful traditional hat can be considered as a real piece of art.

Had you ever seen such a beautiful hat? What do you think about it? We are willing to know your opinion so if you fancy you can share your impressions with us on the Facebook page of Hotel Yaramar, your hotel in Fuengirola.

Beatriz Muñoz

Guest Relations