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The Cenachero

The cenachero, together with the biznaga and the boquerón is a popular symbol of the city of Malaga, but who is he really and why is he so important in Costa del Sol?

The cenachero was a fisherman who rambled around the city of Malaga carrying fish (boquerones, mackerels, sardines, chanquetes or any kind of typical specie from the area) on baskets made of straw. This profession does not exist anymore.

Exactly 50 years ago Jaime Fernández Pimentel, author of the also famous statue of “The Biznaguero”, immortalized the figure of the cenachero in a statue inspired on a popular fisherman from Malaga known as Manolo “El Petaca”.

The sculpture, currently located in Plaza de la Marina, is 2 metres long and has a plaque with a beautiful poem about this typical character written by Salvador Rueda, a very famous poet also from Malaga. The poem in English would say more or less this:

“There you can see the fishermen

with their dark coloured baggy trousers

swinging their straw baskets

with their arms akimbo

when talking out loud

the veins of their necks swell

And in each beautiful fish

you can see a different scale

in each scale a different colour

and in each colour a sparkle”.

Although the cenachero is a character that does not exist anymore he is still well remembered in Malaga thanks to this beautiful bronze statue, which has made him become a real symbol of the city.

By the way, did you know that there is a city in Alabama (U.S) called Mobile which has a replica of our famous sculpture of the cenachero? It seems that Malaga and Mobile were twinned in the past so this is why this replica is located in a place called “Malaga Plaza” dedicated to the capital of Costa del Sol… So interesting!!

Don’t you know the statue of “The cenachero” yet? Make the most of your stay in Hotel Yaramar, your hotel in Fuengirola, and go to Malaga city for a bit of sightseeing…the city has so much to offer that it will impress you, besides, the access from Fuengirola is very easy thanks to the great train line that connects both cities…Do not hesitate and explore!

Beatriz Muñoz

Guest Relations