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Sunflower seeds

Have you done a bit of people watching while on holiday in Spain and realised that here it is very common to eat sunflower seeds?

Sunflower seeds are a very popular snack among Spaniards, while everywhere else in the world they are quite unusual…in fact, while here you can buy them in any supermarket, sweet shop or kiosk, in other countries they can only be found in pet or health food shops.

Although nobody really know for certain the origin of this typical Spanish tradition, it is almost impossible to walk around any square in Spain and not finding someone seated on a bench eating sunflower seeds for hours.

The seeds are sold in bags of different sizes, they can be salted or not, and in general they come whole, so you need to be quite skilled to open them with your teeth, eat the seed and then throw the hull away.

Although they are quite addictive, as it is impossible to eat just the one, they are very good for our system as they contain high levels of Vitamin E and B, which gives us a lot of energy and are a good anti-ageing remedy.

They are also rich in fibre, omega-6 fatty acids, have antioxidant properties and help us fight against cholesterol.

If you love Spain and would fancy to know more about our peculiar customs, you might like to know that after a 2 week break, from the 27th of April, our free Spanish culture activity is back every Thursday at 10:00 in the Churchill Bar of Hotel Yaramar.

See you there!

Beatriz Muñoz

Guest Relations