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Hotel Yaramar
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Meet our staff

Hotel Yaramar
This month, Hotel Yaramar wants to invite you to meet the team that makes this hotel an incredible place.

Many of the employees at Hotel Yaramar have been with us for over 20 years, and all of them together form a great family. They love their job and enjoy interacting with the clients, making them feel at home, and assisting them as much as possible.

Alicia, our receptionist, mentioned that after many years of working with us, she has lots of stories to share. She fondly remembers this one: "It was fun and lovely when on December 25th, after the gala dinner, several couples of clients brought us a little drink to toast with them and sang a Christmas carol in English to Sebastián and me who were on duty."

She also shares that many clients are particularly affectionate, and during Christmas, Easter, or their birthdays, they often send her greeting cards, which touches her as it's heartwarming to know that they remember her when they return home. She also admits that she likes when they gift her flowers, but what truly satisfies her is when they say, "we felt at home."

These kinds of testimonials convince us that the human quality of our team is very abundant.

To conclude, our friendly receptionist sends you a final message: "I hope you share your experiences with us, whether you've been on an excursion or had a special moment, and... of course, in case of any issue, we're here to help!"

Beatriz Muñoz

Customer Service