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Malaga Film Festival

Do you like Spanish cinema? Did you know that Malaga has its own film festival?

Last Saturday the 20th of April the Malaga Film Festival started, being this one of the most important festivals in Spain.

It lasts one week and it is quite a new festival as it has been celebrated only since 1998. On it apart from showing the newest and most outstanding Spanish films of the year also honorific awards are handled out.

The most important award of this festival is the “Golden Biznaga”, as the biznaga is one of the most characteristic symbols of the city of Malaga. This award is given by the jury to the best film presented on the festival.

The Malaga Film Festival receives a lot of attention from the media and it is attended by many famous actors and directors as since it started its main aim has been to promote Spanish cinema.

The festival takes place in different places around the city, being Teatro Cervantes its core, as it is there where the premieres of the films aiming to win the “Golden Biznaga” are held and also where the homage acts and press conferences take place.

Apart from Teatro Cervantes, the most legendary cinema in Malaga, Cine Albéniz, also shows many of the films aiming to win the award, and the Picasso Museum organizes activities related to the film industry.

If you are currently staying at Hotel Yaramar, your hotel in Fuengirola, we recommend you to visit Malaga. Now more than ever the capital of Costa del Sol looks amazing, so do not miss it and enjoy the glamour on the Malaga Film Festival red carpet.

Beatriz Muñoz

Guest Relations