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Exhibitions in Fuengirola

Fuengirola is a city known in Spain as a beach tourist destination where thousands of foreigners and people from other parts of our country visit every year. However, what many people don't know about this beautiful town in Malaga is that the cultural offerings are also quite extensive.

Apart from the numerous monuments and attractions spread throughout the city, such as Castle Sohail, we also have several museums and cultural places that will surely captivate you.

City Museum

The City Museum of Fuengirola is located in the city center opposite the municipal library and Parque del Sol, and it hosts various art exhibitions throughout the year, including recent ones like "The Legacy of the Catholic Monarchs" or "Japan: Honor and Tradition."

Fuengirola House of Culture

Also in the center of Fuengirola is the municipal House of Culture, where a multitude of cultural and artistic services are held and provided. Inside, among other things, we can see the auditorium and the exhibition hall with a capacity for about 165 people. On the first and second floors of the building, you'll find the Dance Room and the Music Room, respectively, where classes for these arts are taught.

Studio 33

This is an educational artistic center that aims to support emerging artists with their works, help visitors disconnect through Art, and enhance the artistic skills of its students while they have fun. Undoubtedly, a perfect place both if you want to enjoy the art of others and if you want to learn and develop your own.

Now you know, if you're on vacation at the Hotel Yaramar, your hotel in Fuengirola, we invite you to enjoy these art-filled places that will make your visit an experience you will always remember.

Enjoy art in Fuengirola!

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