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Christmas in Malaga

December is about to begin, and Christmas is just around the corner, so many of us are starting to feel the typical excitement and happiness of this time of the year. Whether you love Christmas or you're not feeling very festive yet, from Hotel Yaramar, your hotel in Fuengirola, we recommend you take advantage of your visit to the Costa del Sol to enjoy Christmas in the center of Malaga as we know that by doing so, your Christmas spirit will soon appear.

Every year, the Christmas lighting ceremony takes place on the most important street of the Malaga capital, Calle Marqués de Larios, and just as it was before the pandemic, this event gathers a large number of Malagueños and visitors eager to kick off these very special holidays.

In fact, the Christmas lighting on this street is always impressive, and every year it showcases a new and gorgeous lighting different from the previous year.

This is actually not the only show, as at the Cathedral of Malaga, there is an audiovisual show on its tower at the same time as the one on Calle Larios, and on certain days at the Port of Malaga, there is a show with drone lights.

Another place in the capital worth visiting is the central Plaza de la Constitución as it is a few meters away from Calle Larios, and there concerts are organized with the collaboration of the Musical Foundation of Malaga.

If this December you plan to stay with us at Hotel Yaramar, we certainly hope you enjoy and include a visit to the center of Malaga. It's a unique experience that you'll surely love!

Beatriz Muñoz

Customer Service