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Celebration continues in Fuengirola and at the Yaramar

Hotel Yaramar
Last week at Hotel Yaramar we had a series of activities related to the fair so when this started on the 6th of October you could make the most of it.

If you were one of our guests who attended them now you might know why the fair is celebrated and what kind of things you can do and see in there. You possibly have learnt a few useful words that you can use if you visit it. You might also know how to wear your fair accessories and you might even have learnt how to dance the first sevillana… So many new things!!!

We have enjoyed sharing a little bit of our culture with you, but the best is yet to come as a fair in town does not feel like a fair if at Hotel Yaramar we do not celebrate our traditional party with you.

This popular party, one of the most beautiful and most special ones of the year, will be celebrated today, Tuesday the 8th of October, at 8:00 P.M. It will be held at the lounge, which will be especially decorated for the occasion. Tonight a wonderful flamenco group will offer a stunning dancing show we hope you love it.

If you have the fortune of being on holiday right now at Hotel Yaramar, your hotel in Fuengirola, we hope you don’t miss the party as we would love to have a great time with you. If you are home we are almost certain that after reading this you might feel like partying, so we hope you don’t miss it next year…¡¡Olé!!

Beatriz Muñoz

Guest Relations