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A "smurf" and a "cloud"

If you are not from Malaga you might find the title of today’s post quite weird.

Here though these words are something we hear daily in any bar or café at breakfast or teatime.

After this little explanation you might be even more curious, so let’s explain properly what a “smurf” and a “cloud” really mean in Costa del Sol.

If during your holiday you hear the word “pitufo” ( smurf in English) it is almost certain that the person who said it wasn’t really talking about the cute blue creatures created by Belgian comic artist Peyo.

Here in Malaga a “smurf” is a small hot and toasted bread roll that depending on what you put on it can become a real delicacy.

Considering we are in Andalusia it is not surprising one of the most popular “smurfs” are the ones that come with olive oil and tomato… Very Meditarrean and also very healthy!

Regarding the “cloud” when we say it in a café we are not talking about the weather, but about coffee.

In Malaga there are many ways to name the kind of coffee you fancy depending on how much milk you want in it.

A “nube” ( cloud in English) in fact is a coffee that contains a lot of milk and very little coffee and if it is served in a glass and not in a cup even better… much more authentic!

As you know here at Hotel Yaramar we really enjoy sharing with you some fun facts about our region so we hope you found today’s post interesting.

Who would have thought that ordering a tasty breakfast in Costa del Sol was so much fun!

Beatriz Muñoz

Guest Relations