This November Hotel Yaramar has the pleasure to introduce you to Paola Moreno, one of the friendly ladies from the “Cristina Ice Cream Parlour”.

Paola has been working with us since 2008 and before working in the ice cream parlour she worked in our “Bar Patio”, the “Rivera” Beach Club and the “Aquarium” disco, so we are sure that many of you already know her.

She says that what she likes the most about working in our hotel is that she gets to know many people who visit us year after year and that many of them remember her when they come again…this is something that moves her, same as when they bring something for her daughter. She also enjoys seeing our guests looking happy and values the fact that here in the Yaramar her work mates are really nice people.

The funniest thing that has happened to her in her 4 years with us is being chosen as “Miss Yaramar” in one of the great personnel parties organised by the hotel every year…being so cute and so friendly, don’t you think her “Miss Yaramar” title is well deserved?

The ones who know her know that she always has a smile on her face; she is a cheerful lady, therefore she likes cheerful music. Apart from listening to music in her spare time she also enjoys playing sports, having nice walks and resting.

What she likes the most about Fuengirola is its nice beach. Apart from the beach when in Fuengirola she recommends you to go to “El Choco”, a well known bar specialised in “pescaíto frito” (fried fish) very close to Hotel Yaramar.

And to finish off Paola would like to share a message with you:

“I love the fact that you keep coming back to this hotel and that you keep visiting the “Cristina Ice Cream Parlour” too, of course. We have many tasty things to offer you together with a big smile. Thank you!”

Who can resist a tasty ice cream and the lovely smile of our ice cream parlour girls? …Do not disappoint them, they are expecting you!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations