This September Hotel Yaramar would like to dedicate this post to our dear Carmen Olmos, who started working with us in 1978.

Carmen is married to Lucas Garrido, the “Rivera Beach Club” manager. They met in 1978  when they worked in Hotel Ángela, then they got married and in year 2000 when Hotel Yaramar opened they both started working here.

Carmen is currently the Snack – Bar manager though she has also worked in the beach club , in the restaurant and also in the ice-cream parlour.  

She says that she loves to interact with guests and other members of staff, so that’s why she loves her job.

After so many years working with us she has lots of anecdotes and stories to tell, though the one she remembers with more fondness was the following: “One year on  Easter Sunday  we decided to hide eggs with a little prize around the pool area. It was so nice to see adults hunting eggs as excited as when they were children”.

About her hobbies she told us that she likes reading, listening to “Il Divo” and travelling. When we asked her about her ideal holiday she says she would love to do a tour around Old Europe. We really hope you can enjoy soon that well deserved holiday, Carmen!

Her favourite place in Fuengirola is the castle ” Castillo Sohail”  and the restaurant she recommends you is “El Abrevadero” a really nice tapas bar in Los Boliches, not far from Hotel Yaramar.

Carmen is one of the most loved members of staff, and that’s why some of our guests have wanted to take her with them, which is something that really moves her therefore she would like to thank you all for your affection and for your loyalty as many of you visit us every year.

We are sure that all of you already know Carmen, so if you would like to send her a message or share with us any anecdote about her, please visit our Facebook page.

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations