Hotel Yaramar not only looks amazing from the outside but also deep inside as for years we have done all we can to make it more environmentally friendly.

Everybody knows that we take good care of our guests, but not many people may know that we also take care of planet Earth. Doing it is not as difficult as it seems as with a bit of willpower and a bit of effort it is possible to change our bad habits.

These are some of the environmentally friendly measures we do take at Hotel Yaramar:

  • We have a department of environmental management.
  • We only print documents when it is strictly necessary.
  • On the 30th of March we contribute by saving energy during the “Earth Hour”. From 8:30 P.M to 21:30 P.M we use as little energy as possible and light some candles around the
  • Our guests are asked to leave a card on the bed whenever they want their sheets changed.
  • We change the towels when they are left on the bath/shower o whenever the chambermaid thinks it is
  • We use eco-friendly cleaning products and washing up liquids. They are biodegradable
  • We separate waste and we recycle paper and plastics.
  • The bulbs in the hotel use LED technology.
  • We have presence detectors in our public toilets.
  • When the room card is taken off the energy consumption in rooms is the minimum possible, not just in order to save energy but also for safety.
  • The electric energy we use is 100% from renewable sources.

Did you know that Hotel Yaramar was so eco-friendly? Take note, raise awareness and do your bit to help from home.

Planet Earth will be very grateful!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations