Spring is round the corner in Costa del Sol, and with its arrival warm temperatures and longer days will come. Soon we will need more energy to face our days and due to the rise of temperatures we will have to show our bodies a little bit more. For all these reasons last Friday the 7th of March we started offering amazing healthy breakfasts at our Rivera Beach Club. Healthy Breakfast at the Rivera Beach Club - Hotel Yaramar Fuengirola

As you know at Hotel Yaramar, your hotel in Fuengirola, we do love breakfasts as they are the most important meal of the day. Because of this and because there is nothing better than having a delicious breakfast contemplating the sea our Rivera Beach Club team has created three super healthy and super tasty breakfasts that will be just perfect for anyone leading a healthy life or trying to stay fit.

As we said there are 3 breakfasts available which are served daily till 12 P.M. The first of them is a high in protein breakfast that consists of a glass of soya milk, a multigrain toast with margarine and low fat jam, some almonds and a beautiful fruit salad.

The second option is a rich in Omega3 breakfast. Omega3 are some fatty acids very good for our health as they help us fight against cardiovascular diseases and they have a very good effect on our brain. This lovely breakfast consists of a freshly squeezed orange juice, a semi skimmed milk coffee, 2 whole meal toasts with cream cheese and smoked salmon and some walnuts.

The third breakfast available is a high in antioxidants one consisting of a semi skimmed milk coffee, whole meal French bread with grated tomato and extra virgin olive oil, some white cheese and an amazing fruit salad. This is the most Mediterranean of all and as you know the Mediterranean diet is considered as one of the healthiest in the world.

Our three new breakfasts are healthy, delicious and they have a fantastic price as they all cost 3,50€.

Why don’t you come to the Rivera and try them? We cannot think of a better way to start a beautiful day!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations